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Crestron Flex Solution Review

Crestron Flex unified communications is compatible with most popular 3rd Party unified communications applications, like Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Zoom. It comes in different functions to suit various requirements.

The Flex series can be grouped into 4 categories:
  1.  Voice over IP Desktop Phone
  2. Table Top Conferencing System
  3. Wall-mount Smart Soundbar
  4. Integrated UC Solution

Crestron Flex P100

Voice over IP Desktop Phone

Crestron Flex P100 series is a VoIP Desktop Phone that natively support Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. It has a 7” Touch screen where we have the MS Teams or Sky for Business GUI, it also comes with the standard keypad. The Crestron Flex P100 can accommodate 1 to 5 participants.

Crestron Flex M100

Table Top Conferencing System

Crestron Flex M100 resembles the popular Crestron Mercury and has many similar features. It can be used to support Laptop UC applications and in this case it does so by using with the Built-in Speakers and Microphone, it also can be connected to a USB camera for use with our laptop UC application. The Crestron Flex M100 can also be used as a stand-alone with the Native MS Teams, Skype for Business or Zoom Rooms. On top of that, it serves as a bridge between our Laptop and room display via HDMI Connection or via wireless. It can accommodate groups of 4 to 20 people.​

Crestron Flex B100

Wall-mount Smart Soundbar

Crestron Flex B100 is a soundbar with a 4K resolution camera and Microphones built-in. It is to be placed at the front of room and paired with a desktop touch screen where we will be able to see the MS Teams, Skype for Business and Zoom Rooms GUI from which we are able to control all the calls/ meetings. The Crestron Flex B100 is able to accommodate groups of 4 to 20 people.

Crestron Flex C100

Integrated UC Solution

Crestron Flex C100 is a codec which natively runs Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Zoom Rooms software. The Flex C100 series can be integrated with other AV systems being this the integration model of the Flex Family. Unlike the others in the series, it can be deploy in larger venues, like Board Rooms, Lecture Theatres or Auditoriums. And hence able to accommodate larger groups of people depending the venue.

Another feature common to all the Flex devices is that they can be deployed and managed with Crestron XIO, making the large deployment very easy to setup and manage.