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What are Hybrid Rooms and why does your organization need one?


What are Hybrid Rooms and why does your organization need one?
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Organizations are looking into restructuring their work processes and redesigning their workspaces to keep up with the growth of Hybrid Working. Workspaces now must be restructured to facilitate collaboration between in-office employees and at-home employees. Thus, this is how the concept of Hybrid Rooms comes about.

Hybrid Rooms are rooms that support both in-person collaboration and remote work. These rooms enable employees to meet with their team members whether they’re face to face or working remotely. Some of the elements that are included in these hybrid rooms would be a mixture of collaborative and private spaces, high-quality video conferencing room technology, and multipurpose areas for employees to utilize depending on the work that they are doing. Research has shown that hybrid rooms help to boost employees’ productivity and to enhance collaboration between employees who are working at home and in the office. With that, many video conferencing software companies are looking at ways to provide hybrid meeting rooms solutions to embrace the new normal.

Zoom Hybrid Rooms

As mentioned, video conferencing software companies such as Zoom has come up with Hybrid Rooms solution to elevate the Hybrid Workplace experience. Hybrid Zoom Rooms bring HD Video collaboration into any space – in the office, in the classroom, or at home – and enable in-person and remote participants to interact in real-time. Employees can start a meeting, book a room, and share content easily in this room.

Zoom Hybrid Rooms have several features that help to deliver the best Hybrid experience. For example, one of the features is a smart gallery that leverages the use of AI to take a single-camera view of multiple people in a Zoom Room and send up to three unique video streams to better display the in-room participants to remote attendees. This allows participants to have a clear view of other participants and have engaging meetings through a single screen, whether they are working in the office or are at home.

Another feature of Hybrid Zoom Rooms would be the scheduling display software which helps to simplify the whole room booking experience. Participants can see how many people are in the room, whether a meeting is taking place, when the next meetings are, or quickly reserve rooms. This feature will help employees efficiently plan their meetings and even book meeting rooms in the comfort of their homes.

The Future of Hybrid Offices

With the sudden shift in the workforce due to the recent pandemic, organizations need to make changes to their work processes and office structures to support the employees’ changing needs. It is of paramount importance to include Hybrid Rooms in offices to enhance collaboration and productivity in which agile workplace environments are not able to support this. It is no doubt that in the world we are living right now, the future of the workplace is hybrid.

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What are Hybrid Rooms and why does your organization need one?