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HVM Esco - security solution


Case Study: Elevating CEO Workspace in the Finance Sector

In a recent project undertaken by our ESCO Vietnam team for a leading bank in Vietnam's finance sector, the team faced a myriad of challenges while designing and installing a CEO's room. The project's achievement rested on the imperative to meet exacting design and quality standards, further compounded by the tight delivery timeframe of a two-day weekend window (Saturday and Sunday).
Project Details:

  • Products Used: The AV solutions implemented included the use of MS Surface Hub 2s for small group and individual usage. For larger events or meetings, the setup could switch to MS Team Rooms with integrated AV components such as Sennheiser ceiling microphone TCC2, Biamp Ceiling Speaker, Extron DSP DMP 64Plus C, and Barco Clickshare for screen sharing.
  • AV Solution: The main objective of the project was to provide a comprehensive video conferencing solution.
  • Completion Date: The project commenced on 28th March 2023 and was completed on July 21st, 2023.
Challenges and Solutions

The CEO's room was envisioned with a pristine white color theme, posing a significant challenge due to the intricate task of wrapping walls, furniture, and all elements within the room—a process that demanded six hours of meticulous attention. Moreover, navigating the complexities of logistics was another hurdle, with a six-month wait for device import and customs clearance from Singapore to Vietnam.

Addressing the bank's high-security network requisites posed a greater challenge. We collaborated extensively with the bank's IT team to configure and establish a robust infrastructure.
Key Success Factors

Being a Microsoft partner, we were able to harness our proficiency in installations garnered through training, certification, and our vast experience in similar deployments in the past. This helped us to expedite the installation and setup process, reducing the overall time investment significantly.

Our experience in managing the logistics, particularly importing interactive boards, helped us procure, import, and deploy the hardware on-site on time meeting the project's stringent timeline.

Leveraging the support of our Regional UC Practice Teams virtually, even during weekends and after hours, helped us resolve glitches quickly and test the system instantly.


Our efforts extended beyond functionality to elevate the room's aesthetic appeal, fostering a contemporary and high-tech ambiance. This transformation was realized through the incorporation of cutting-edge devices such as the Microsoft Surface Hub screen and speakers. Beyond augmenting the room's visual allure, these devices fostered collaboration through Microsoft Teams, facilitating seamless communication between the CEO and top management. The client was happy with the top-notch outcomes and our consistent approach.