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Leasing model for your workplace technology.

Equip your meeting rooms with state of the art video conferencing equipment from as little as

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    *Terms and Conditions apply
    Increasing Efficiency, Reducing Costs
    Manpower costs going down
    Real Estate costs going down
    Utility costs going down

    In an era of a hybrid workplace, it is imperative to have an agile and efficient workforce. Enabling your workforce with the right technology will allow you to not only save on manpower costs but decrease your entire business’ operational costs. A leaner workforce means less real estate costs, which in turn leads to less utility costs.

    Why EAAS?


    of meetings room were equipped with video conference technology, pre-covid.


    are frustrated with in-office experiences.


    of companies say they want to improve work environments with intelligent workplace technology.

    With ESCO’s new offering, businesses are able to defray a large capital expense (several hundreds of thousands) into a smaller and more manageable operational expense (of a few thousand a month i.e the cost of a single staff).

    ESCO offers various tenure lengths 24 months to 48 months, allowing flexibility to match your real estate tenancy dates. EAAS can even be extended beyond its original tenure date, offering unparallel flexibility.

    Dedicated ESCO Customer Success Manager to ensure smooth installation during EAAS.

    During EAAS, all equipment and maintenance will be fully covered.

    How does EAAS work?
    ESCO -Equip your meeting rooms with state of the art video conferencing equipment

    John Doe is looking to upgrade his 4 existing meeting rooms to be compatible with Zoom, but he does not have the budget for all 4 upgrades at once.

    A typical meeting room will be $10,000.
    For John to upgrade his 4 rooms, it will be upfront of $40,000.

    If John Doe wants to spread the payment of S$40,000 in 3 years, a typical monthly payment of 4 meeting rooms will be $1111.11/month.


    *Terms and conditions apply

    *Illustration is for example purposes (price may differ based on the total cost per room)

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