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Immersive Spaces


Immersive workspaces to suit you and your teams

In ESCO, we work with renowned partners to provide Immersive technology to your workplace. In an immersive workspace, groups and teams can get right inside any kind of digital content (including immersive, virtual reality or 360° content). So, an immersive workspace is the ideal way for groups of people to work better, smarter and faster. You can now easily bring remotely-located team members into the heart of the discussion with immersive video conferencing.super clone watches reviewphone case walletelf bar 1500elf bar irelandelf bar 1800telefoonhoesjes hema

Retrofit Immersive technology into any existing rooms, irrespective of its size, shape or dimensions. Work with the tools you already use, launch and run real-time applications, view websites in 360°, present and interrogate data, access your corporate Microsoft and Google suites, and much more.

Fast, Flexible and Immersive

We provide cylinders, domes and cubes, so that you can create a shared immersive spaces that suit a wide range of needs. They can become permanent installations in your offices, create eye-catching showpieces at events, or even act as mobile spaces that you can move out and about on a roadshow – we can support every possible permutation.

Create a bespoke immersive space

Draw on immersive credentials and technology to create a bespoke space, specifically for you. You can tweak existing standard products or have something designed from the group-up. You no longer have to worry about the complications and considerations that are inevitably involved in creating an immersive space. Leave it to us.

An elegant, practical, attainable immersive solution for any organisation

Indulge yourself in an all-immersive experience with CAVEs, an elegant, user-friendly solution for realistic, interactive and immersive experiences. Kitted out with 3D, floor and rear-projection, plus head-tracking. CAVEs offers smoother workflows to get your 3D models into the space, thanks to an ever-growing range of software integrations with all the tools you already use.

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