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Security Solution

Fortify your defenses and thwart malicious attacks with our robust security solution

Security Solution

Integrated Security

Integrated security systems are a type of multi-layered security system that combines various components into a single unit. Intrusion detection, alert notifications, commercial access control, fire, and smoke detection, and video monitoring are all part of ESCO’s layered security system.
As such, your business is protected day and night by your commercial security solutions.

Here are some examples of solutions that we provide:
Controlled Access
Carpark Management
Network Infrastructure

Security Camera by ESCO AV

Security Solution

Hostile Mitigation

ESCO is able to design and install a wide range of products which fit various site applications and clients’ customized requirements.
Our products range from active and passive barriers, conventional depth fixed, removable and automatic bollards to innovative shallow foundation solutions for both active and passive bollards.​ All of our products have been physically impact tested by internationally accredited testing agencies.

Here are some examples of solutions that we provide:
Safe Room
Anti-Crash Perimeter Fencing System
Anti-Crash Retractable Bollards
Anti- Crash Sliding/Swing/Bi-Folding Gates
Shallow/Surface Mount Bollard
Wedge Blocker Solutions
Anti-Crash Drop Arm Barriers

hvm solution security viper road blocker