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Jonatan Medina
AVP, Design & Innovation
Department: Design & Innovation
Q: Could you describe working at ESCO in 3 words?
A: Intense, Thrilling, Fulfilling.

Q: What do you love about working in ESCO?
A: Working in ESCO is like an adventure, as you get to visit very interesting places. Sometimes, even restricted places or places with high security access. In ESCO, there is a constant learning curve where we get to see new technologies and often, what is new in the AV Industry is very exciting.

Q: How have you seen the company evolve since you first started?
A: Well, based on my 8 years of experience with ESCO, I have seen a tremendous change and evolution of the company. From the processes to how we operate to even the way we communicate and the effectiveness of what we do as part of our daily work. All these changes help us to focus on what really matters. I’d say, ESCO is constantly moving with time and adapting to meet challenges.

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