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ESCO Partners Living Theories for Gamification Technology Solutions

ESCO is excited to announce our partnership with Living Theories, experience strategists and gamification specialists. With this partnership, we hope to enhance the user experience with Collaboration and Communication Technologies, enabling organisations to engage with their stakeholders harnessing their complete enthusiasm and attention, to drive desired outcomes.

With this new partnership, we will deliver new and engaging experiences like never before. You will be able to augment your training tools with interactive touch screens, create unique gamified experiences for orientation and on-boarding programmes, or even enhance Digital demonstrations and tutorials with a customised game designed just for you.

“I was drawn to Living Theories’s goal of transforming interaction with people using games and realised that technology is an invariable part of the proposition. We cant wait to unleash the power of this partnership!”
– Mr. Sujith Sivaram, Managing Director – ESCO

About Living Theories

We believe that games are a timeless representation of our curiosity, sense of exploration, and desire to achieve. Gamification is the process of using game mechanics, theories and features to enhance non-game processes.

At Living Theories, we harness the power of gamification to transform the way you interact with people. Let us introduce you to how gamification can work for your business and your community today!

“We’ve been following ESCO for a while now, and are highly impressed at how they pave the way in audio-visual and digital solutions. Gamification and enhanced human engagement is a critical component within the digital sphere, and we can’t wait to work with ESCO to roll out new and exciting programmes to the world. Game on!”
– Mr. Yeo Xi-Wei, Director – Living Theories