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ESCO has enter into partnership with ELMO, the leading company in Visualisers, Document Camera and ICT Solution. Since it’s establishment in the 1921, ELMO has been a creator of visual equipment, delivering information and communications of multitude of people since that time. Now as we enter the IoT era, where people can connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere, ELMO is ready to contribute to society by creating richer, ore satisfying lifestyles through ongoing research and development of cutting-edge technology.

Together, ESCO and ELMO is able to provide a wide range of products such as projectors, huddle space, visualisers, interactive boards and audio visual integration system solutions.

elmo PX 30 E-01

ELMO Visualisers

We have a wide range of visualisers suited for all industries ranging from Education to Health Care. All of our visualisers are equipped with the latest technology and is easy to use.marque de coque de telephones22 phone case40 off promo code

ELMO Visualizer PX-30E


Designed primarily for use in meeting rooms and lecture halls with upscale amenities.

ELMO Visualizer PX-10E


Designed especially for use in meeting rooms and lecture theaters.

ELMO Visualizer L-12F


One of the best selling visualisers with improved connectivity and usability.

ELMO Visualizer L-12W


Easy and Powerful Global Standard Visualiser.

ELMO Visualizer -MA-1


Powered by Android and compatible with Education Softwares.

ELMO Visualizer MO-2


Powered by Android and has wireless connection to Miracast Compatible Display Device.

ELMO Visualizer MX-P3


Super slim and light weight, bring it anywhere and everywhere.

ELMO Visualizer OX 1


Entry USB model in flexible installation.

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