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How ESCO helps you?

We provide world class Audio Visual-Unified Communication, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, and Integrated Security solutions under one roof.

Audio Visual

Audio-visual solutions are designed to better enhance communication, collaboration, and engagement through delivering high-quality audio and visual experiences. These solutions are constantly evolving to cater to the changing needs of modern businesses and consumers.

Solutions that we provide:
Projection and Display Technology Solutions
Video Conferencing and Collaboration Solutions
Integrated Audio Solutions
Smart Office Solutions
Immersive Spaces


Security is an importance aspect of an infrastructure. It helps to ensure that the infrastructure is adequately prepared for threats such as terrorism or unauthorized access.

Solutions that we provide:
Controlled Access Systems
Smart Surveillance Systems
Wedge Blocker Solutions
Anti-Crash Bollard/Drop Arm Barriers Solutions
Anti-Vehicle Fence Range
Anti-crash Perimeter Fencing System
Anti- Crash Sliding/Swing/Bi-Folding Gates


"Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational." - George CourosIn order for lessons to be effective, it is important for it to be engaging and effective in bringing across information. This is without a doubt that the use of the right technology will help with this.

Educational Technology that we provide: Interactive Whiteboards - Huddle Space Collaboration Hub - Room Control Systems - Visualizers


Why proceed with us?

We work closely with our partners to provide them with fulfillment in their investment in technology. If you work with us, these will be the experience you will enjoy.

Choosing the right partner for your business endeavors is a decision of paramount importance. At ESCO Asia, we understand the complexities of today's business landscape, and we are committed to being more than just a service provider; we strive to be your trusted ally in achieving success. Here's why you should proceed with ESCO Asia:

1. Design
2. Configuration
3. Installation
4. Project Management
5. Program Mangament
6. ESCO Care


Our design team would be able to help you conceptualize how the different technology can be integrated to fit your needs.


After conceptualizing, configuration of the technology will be done by our in-house programming team that can help make that vision come true.


When the technology has been configured, engineers will head down to your company to provide a smooth installation experience.

Project Management

If the setup is of a larger scale i.e. all the rooms in a certain level of a building, our project manager will step in to ensure the project is smoothly run.

Program Management

If you were to require the installation and configuration of the technology in a few other countries, we are able to coordinate it through our program managers. This would provide a centralized communication point for you.


After the completion of the installation, we do provide maintenance service via our ESCO Care to make ensure that your equipments are working fine.