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ESCO partners with iOmniscient

ESCO is proud to announced their partnership with iOmniscient. With the recent partnership, ESCO and iOmniscient organised a webinar about the safety and security of everyone with iOmniscient’s AI-enhanced camera. It was an enriching webinar as participants are able to understand more on how AI-enhanced camera can be used for safety and security amidst the global pandemic that is hitting the world right now.

iQ-FeverCheck is a part of iOmniscient’s AI-based multi-sensory analytics capabilities for Smart Cities. It can be useful in places such as airports, stadiums, railway stations, hospitals, nursing homes and even healthcare facilities where it is necessary to detect individuals that are suffering from a fever.As with other iOmniscient systems, IT-FeverCheck can detect a person with a fever in a crowd and is able to keep tracking the person with the fever as they move from one place to the next using normal cameras.

The systems is able to check if a someone in the crowd has a fever even if he or she has a mask on and will immediately captures the person’s face. The camera unit does not have to be manned.

The person can be tracked across all the cameras in the network, until he or she reaches a location where an officer is available. The officer can be notified either on his smartphone or on his computer if the person approaching has a fever. This enables the authorities to quarantine the person and assist them in getting medical help.