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Shure MXA710 – Re-defining the in-room Array Microphone

In this article, ESCO reveals fascinating details about the Shure MXA710 and how it can be used for any rooms, big or small. Follow Jonatan, AVP of Design, as we learn more about this product…

Shure has recently launched and added to the MXA series the new MXA710 steerable array microphone with a sleek design.It is the perfect solution for rooms where the aesthetics are a priority without compromising performance. Its design resembles a soundbar and it comes in two sizes – 60cm and 120cm, with the accessories to be mounted in several ways such as wall mount, ceiling mount, table mount; surface or flush.

Image 1. MXA710 wall mount (Left) & MXA710 table flush mount (Right)

Similar to its predecessor, it has built in Intellimix DSP proprietary algorithm from Shure and it is connected via Cat cable with support for Dante and AES67 audio networking protocols. It also supports PoE for which it uses a single Cat cable for Audio, control and power for easy installation.

In addition, it can integrate with Videoconference software like Microsoft teams, Zoom, Cisco and Skype for Business to sync the mute/unmute function without any programming when connected via Shure P300 or Shure ANIUSB-MATRIX.

The Shure MXA710 can be deployed for different room sizes from small to large, and when required several units can be combined.

I am certain the MXA710 will be a popular choice for many in terms of its aesthetics.For any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Article By Jonatan Medina,

AVP Of Design, ESCO