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Zio – Networked Real-time Video, Audio and Control

As the AV industry moves towards networking, many manufacturers have adopted and developed products around the idea of Networked AV. RGB Spectrum, known largely for their extensive videowall processors, has also recently launched a networked AV solution – the Zio.

The idea is simple; it focused primarily on the distribution of Audio and Video via IP Network. The Zio offers a more flexible way to distribute these signals and can do so without needing any expensive Audio, Video Matrix switches while eliminating the limitations on cable distance associated specifically to digital cables such as HDMI.

Zio endpoints are attached to a 1Gig Ethernet switch, with encoders accepting computer and video signals at resolutions up to 4K, and decoders for feeding displays. The Zio system offers seamless switching over the IP network infrastructure. Both dedicated and shared networks are supported and do not require an additional server control processor.

One of the notable feature of Zio is the ease of control and the ability to monitor the end points (encoders and decoders) from anywhere if the users have the required permissions access. Users can log-in to any of the encoders or decoders via IP network and will be able to control them in the same network that is part of the system. This means having a distributed management platform without costly server architectures and single point of failure.

The modules are managed by a drag-and-drop method. Just by performing a simple gesture, we can assign video sources from encoders to decoders. Once users are familiar with the Zio user interface, users will be able to make changes easily and intuitively.

The Zio can be used as an IPTV distribution solution where standard TV channels are encoded and streamed into the network for an entire building. It could also be deployed in a campus for distribution of AV content as a digital signage. In a command centre environment where there is a need to receive sources from various locations, if the systems are connected in the same network, Zio can work its magic.

The Zio product range does not end here. In addition to this, RGB Spectrum has also launched the Zio Multiviewers. With this, RGB Spectrum combines the advantages of the AV over IP with the power of the Video Wall Processors. The Video Wall Processor can now become the Zio decoder with the ability to decode several streams from the IP Network while showing all the different stream sources as a multi window image.

For more information with regards to the Networked AV systems and Videowall, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team we will be pleased to share more.