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Blurring Edges with Steelcase

ESCO, partnering with Steelcase, held a modest workplace solutions workshop and customer appreciation on 28th March 2019 right at Steelcase Singapore’s office. Known for their architecture, furniture and technology products and services, ESCO knew that the partnership with Steelcase would break boundaries in collaborative workspaces, and this event proved so. The event was attended by ESCO’s MNC client from Corporates, Financial and Consultancy industries.

The event started with ESCO presenting our expertise in improving modern offices’ efficiency, Mr. Amit Palekar, Sr. Vice President – Sales, shared some of the trending technology amongst the corporate industry today as well as case studies of recent projects ESCO undertook. The audience were drawn to the case study where a client placed much emphasis on the effective use of space, in relation to it complimenting the installed Audio-Visual and Videoconferencing systems.

Following ESCO’s presentation, Mr. Ohno Keiichi, Deputy Director AP MKTG, Representative Director Japan, explained Steelcase’s mission as well as the brand’s commitment to providing well-designed solutions for varying purposes. Amidst the suite of Steelcase solution, Ohno-san also touched on Workplace Advisor, a sensor-based system that collects workplace data to aid organisations optimise their real estate investments.

◀ Ohno-san demonstrating the versatility in Steelcase’s work desk.

After the presentations, guests were invited to tour Steelcase’s office, where they seamlessly integrated their solutions into the workspace for the staff. This also serves as a functional showroom ready for any walk-in office tour. Each group of guests were accompanied by representatives from both ESCO and Steelcase to introduce each area’s capabilities and functions.

The event ended with a fine selection of canapés , wines and beers while our guests and hosts interacted in a light-hearted reception.