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ESCO & EPSON Webinar: Work-Leisure Balance

“Why home entertainment Projector?”
“What are the key components of work-leisure solutions?”

With everyone adapting to the Work from Home set up, these are some of the few questions that comes to their mind. Thus, ESCO Unified Solutions Inc. recently held and interesting virtual webinar in collaboration with EPSON to address these questions and also to share with the end users the ability of their home projector setup. Without having to reintroduce what ESCO Unified Solutions Inc. are offering, our attendees are already fully aware of what we are offering.

Requirements for a Home Entertainment Projector:

  • Bigger Screen
  • Flexible/ portable installation
  • Enhanced image quality
  • Cheaper than a display with bigger size
  • Better Work and leisure experience
  • These are the key components of work-leisure solutions:
  • Laptop
  • Home entertainment projector
  • Internet connection
  • Video conferencing and collaboration software
  • USB camera
  • Headset or speakerphone
  • Home sound system
  • Home entertainment system

The webinar was structured in an introduction, agenda overview and housekeeping reminder for a smooth webinar flow, a presentation from our partner Epson and followed by Q&A with an exciting games and giveaways. With this technology collaboration, everyone in a work from home set up will get to enjoy movies, games and even sporting events with a start-of-the-art innovative projector features.

Overall, we would like to thank everyone who join and participated in the virtual event. Please keep an eye out for our future and upcoming webinars.