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The temporary closure of schools, universities and colleges due to the coronavirus outbreak had a huge impact to our educational system worldwide, government recommended those affected students and teachers to make use of the distance learning system to reach learners remotely and limit the disruption to education.

With that, ESCO Philippines is offering a free demo and firsthand user experience for their distance learning packages. ESCO recently conducted a Roadshow program at The Nord Anglia International School, a contemporary British international education to students in early years. The roadshow program allows teachers and students to experience and explore the education solutions offered by ESCO.

One interactive screen (right) that enable simple touch interactions for teacher and students. And another screen with display camera (left) for teachers to identify which students is participating.

ELMO document cameras are a great way to help students feel as if they’re learning in the room with the teacher. It allows a better visibility, flexibility and accessibility which can be a big help for teacher.