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Specialised Success

As ESCO’s award winning subsidiary in India, COLCOM has been leading the way in collaboration and communication, as Soheb Siddiqui, Vice President, COLCOM explained: “Our group has been a player in the Indian market for the last three decades. Increasing demand from AV customers allowed us to expand in the Indian market, giving birth to COLCOM in India.”

“We started COLCOM with a vision of bringing in innovative technology. COLCOM strongly believes in people, passion and professionalism and our main aim is to help organizations and stakeholders achieve fulfillment in the use of technology by integrating solutions tailored to their needs in a way that enhances the user experience by keeping it intelligent, innovative and simple.”

COLCOM specializes in designing and building collaboration and communication technologies systems based on the individual needs of a client, providing training and education on the usage of each system. Established in January 2019 as ESCO’s Indian brand, COLCOM has already enjoyed prestigious success, making substantial waves in the Indian market. Siddiqui said: “In our first year, we earned a SIIA award for best AV application in the education sector, it is one of our greatest achievements.”

“We are a team of 27 now with offices in 3 locations and a project track record in 14 cities across India. We are a self-sufficient team with the competency to execute the entire gamut of Collaboration and Communication technologies.”

COLCOM’s successes are not just limited to conventional AV setups, with the company blazing a trail in uncharted territories in the Indian market. Siddiqui described: “We received the highest level of partnerships and support from manufacturers and provide career opportunities for the Indian AV industry with one of the highest overall retention rates. We have also kickstarted a Hostile Mitigation division in India with a view to expanding the scope of services we offer our clients. We are excited to bring world class perimeter security solutions to the Indian Market.

“Getting registered and marketing ourselves, convincing clients to work with us were big challenges that we used to face in our day to day lives… When we went into the market, our teams focused approach and technical know-how was appreciated by many clients. We were able to quickly scale to meet the demands, leaving our clients delighted at our professional approach.”

Siddiqui closes: “COLCOM will be seen as a strong and leading integrator in the Indian market. With our industry alliances we are a one-stop solutions provider, providing holistic solutions to our clients. We will continue to expand our horizons and enhance our portfolio of services to serve our clients better.”