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Tech Talk: Crestron DMPS & DM Lite Family

As a renowned manufacturer in the AV industry, Crestron has identified an increased demand for a straightforward system that is simple enough for installers and users. This meant that systems need to be flexible enough to be able to work with most of today’s case scenarios.

Crestron recently launched the DMPS Lite & DM Lite that is ideal for spaces such as classrooms, huddle rooms and even small collaboration rooms. With the DMPS Lite & DM Lite, it enables users to easily plug-and-play.

The DMPS Lite products are AV switchers that support automatic switching of multiple input sources to a single output display. There are five different models of DMPS Lite and all of the models come with Local HDMI inputs. In addition, there are built-in controls mainly for a single display, projector and even motorized projection screen.

All the 5 models come with Local HDMI input and DM Lite remote inputs within a single HDMI output. They have built-in control for a single display or projector and motorized projection screen. However, these differ in terms of the features such as the total number of inputs included and also the built-in amplifier that allows us to connect to external passive speakers like a soundbar, surface mount speakers and even microphone inputs. This is ideal for spaces like classrooms or even training rooms.

All in all, Crestron has launched a variety of products that give you the most demanded features on the most common AV scenarios, all together in a cost-effective plug-and-play solution.

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