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The Rise of Innovation Centres

In this era where technology and innovation thrive, it has become imperative for companies to invest in them to remain at the top of their games. Companies aim to strengthen their innovative prowess by investing in Innovation Centres. Innovation Centres primarily revolve around using the latest technology and integrating with the Company’s core business functions. For instance, it could be an interactive multisensory touchscreen coupled with interactive contents to provide an immersive experience for users. It could also be an interactive touchscreen with queue management system, and so forth.

Most of the major institutions in Singapore has an innovation centre or lab, such as BNY Mellon, DHL, NEC, DBS Asia, Citibank, Paypal, Bayer, etc. These innovation centres mainly offer customers and business partners opportunities to meet, connect, and exchange ideas with the teams and trend experts. In many occasions, these innovation centres are compound by thematic zones providing an immersive experience for visitors on the different solutions or approaches from the different institutions.

ESCO can offer our expertise to help companies to build solutions around the user experience, by working with clients to bring ideas and concepts to life and to create the best environment possible to showcase, educate and transmit ideas to customers and business partners.

ESCO has completed a few projects on Innovation Centres. One of the Research & Development department of our clients in the transportation industry requested for a control system to be integrated with the company’s communications network. For this, ESCO connected the system to a GSM module (mobile network) and the system is able to be commanded via SMS/text messages. This messaging feature is a 2-way communication where the system is also able to send text messages to the Admin in certain circumstances.

In one other case study, we have incorporated state of the art technology for a banking corporation. ESCO, together with other vendors, designed a system to deploy an ATM kiosk system, along with other systems in the Innovation Centre, such as the WorkBench; a fully customized client station with a press-popup display mechanism integrated on a desk. For this, we used an open touchscreen display and designed a Korean Top Casing which included a privacy film restricting the viewing angle of the display for client privacy.

In all, ESCO has the capabilities to help create the innovation centre tailored to your desires and requirements. Come speak to our team to find out how.