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Zoom Boot Camp

Zoom has recently conducted a 3-day Zoom Boot Camp and our team from ESCO Philippines travelled to Singapore to attend the anticipated event. The Zoom Boot Camp has proven to be an enriching experience for our team as we learned about the fundamentals of Zoom Video Conferencing in-depth and also to get a preview of the upcoming plans that Zoom has for their video conferencing platform. Furthermore, there were an array of fun-filled activities for the attendees during the Zoom Boot camp that our team truly enjoyed.

During the Zoom Boot Camp, Zoom introduced a wide range of new features for their video conferencing platform that will be available by 2020. One of the feature includes a live translation function which helps to reduce the language barrier between Zoom users.

“The Zoom Boot Camp has given us a glimpse of what is in store in the future and it has equipped us with better understanding and knowledge of Zoom. New features like live translation will reduce the problem of language barrier and the Zoom room appliances like the neat bar which is an all-in-one device (mic/camera/speaker) will simplify the installation as you only need to add the display and controller to have a functional Zoom room. Overall, it is really exciting how Zoom has grown so much and will look forward to attending the next Zoom Boot Camp with the team.” – Ralf Dimaano, IT Manager, ESCO Singapore.

”My thoughts on the recent Zoom Boot Camp is that it proved to be a really enriching and insightful experience. In addition to this, it was a good opportunity to meet and network with the Philippines team as well.” – Benjyamin C. , IT Engineer, ESCO Singapore.