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3 Reasons Preventive Maintenance Can Save You Money

Like any other tool, the technology that we use on a day-to-day basis to help us perform in our business operations such as I.T network, cables, computers, printers, and audio-visual systems needs to be given attention. Regular usage results in wear and tear, lowering the efficiency of the equipment and may jeopardize overall performance of the business over time if not maintained properly.

For a company, building an efficient technology system is one of the costliest investments of a business. To be able to conserve and increase its lifespan significantly helps the company save money. Here are the 3 reasons why implementing a preventive maintenance plan will help businesses maintain peak efficiency of its system whilst doing so:

Equipment downtime is decreased

While it still requires downtime to perform any maintenance, planning a regular maintenance takes significantly lower amount of time than solely relying on reactive maintenance. For example, a company that do not perform regular maintenance is more likely to experience unexpected downtime in performing troubleshooting, repairs, and replacements that may take a day or a week. While preventive maintenance, on the other hand, can pre-plan the optimal time to perform maintenance, and foresee the period of replacement if needed.

Better conservation of equipment

Investing in technology is certainly not cheap, but the better the company takes care of it, the longer it will last. An effective maintenance pro-longs the lifespan of an equipment so a company gets more hours out of it, resulting in reduced cost for a replacement at the same time maximizing ROI.

Maintain top efficiency of users

Technology has become an integral part of business daily operations, especially on its users. It is a rare occurrence to come across a business that has not connected its operation to a network.

So, whenever a delay due to technical difficulties occurs, the effect trickles down to all things that rely on it. For example, a videoconferencing system that is working improperly at the time its supposed to be utilized causes its users to be idle while waiting for it to work. A disconnection from the internet affects almost all department, limiting their work operations that delays work efficiency. However, regular maintenance can prevent this and ensure that all equipment works at optimal performance any time it is needed.

Numerous advantages of regular maintenance have turned maintenance managers to shift from reactive to preventive maintenance, ensuring peak technology efficiency at their disposal. At ESCO, we are now offering AV & IT preventive maintenance to ensure peak efficiency of your equipment. You can email us at [email protected] or [email protected] to find out more!