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Cisco Touch 10 Integration – Single Point of Control for Your Room AV System

In the past, it was common for customers to ask for the integration of the Cisco Touch 10 with the AV room Controller. Users who purchased a Cisco Conferencing system that comes with the Cisco Touch 10 always wonder if they can make use of this Touch Screen to control the rest of the AV and other third-party equipment? Back then, we had to tell customers that the Cisco Touch Screen is proprietary and cannot be used for that purpose, so the alternative was to have a second Touch Screen Controller or to replace the Cisco with another touch screen. Keeping in mind that customers really like the look and feel of the Cisco Touch 10 Panel.

Cisco has since released the open API’s for the integration of the Cisco Touch 10 with other control systems like Crestron, Extron, AMX, etc.

As one of the leading AV companies in the Asian Region, ESCO have heard the demands from customers and have gotten our programmers to familiarize themselves with the integration of the Cisco Touch 10 with other third-party controllers.

Currently, we are fully capable of performing this integration. If you are thinking of acquiring a Cisco Conferencing system and would like to use the Cisco Touch 10 that comes in the box to control some other equipment within the room please do not hesitate to contact ESCO.