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GPA – Taking AV Collaboration Global

With Globalisation taking centre stage in today’s economy, it is hard for businesses to ignore the phenomenon and not engage in cross-border activities likening a borderless marketplace.

However, SMEs struggle with strong barriers to entry when attempting to penetrate new markets with limited resources relative to their MNC counterparts. The solution: Develop partnerships across borders and new markets. Partners tap on each other’s expertise in their respective markets and thus, enable businesses to lower risks in unfamiliar terrain.

The Global Presence Alliance (GPA) is a formalisation of this detailed and organised collaborative effort between partners across the globe in the realm of audio, video and unified communications solutions. With a combined global talent pool of a thousand strong, members of the alliance have committed to the sharing of knowledge and best practices as well as pledged to the delivery of quality, consistent & standardised service anywhere in the world.

Some benefits of GPA include:

  • Local, “in-country” specialists + global program managers
  • Vetted partners with NDA’s and global agreements
  • Standardization of engagement, project management, quality assurance, deployment and service
  • Financially secure, reputable and loyal partners
  • Global managed services, including AVNOC, asset management, video support and cloud services
  • Worldwide staging and demonstration facilities

Taking AV collaboration global, the GPA, effectively forms a global supply chain enabling its partners to be players in the global marketplace and deliver a higher value proposition to its global customers.