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Perfecting AV Essentials in Hospitality

There are an increasing number of industries that utilises Audio-Visual technologies as their center of operations to attract customers’ attention. This is more so for the hospitality industry, such as restaurants featuring live band performances, hotels and resorts.

There are endless possibilities for the venue usage, ranging from simple meeting rooms packages, showcasing concerts, broadcasting sport matches, holding symposiums, organising birthday parties, wedding reception, product launches, press conferences to larger corporate gatherings, and more. Not to mention that there are some events held in more challenging outdoor environments such as those by the sea. The one thing in common is that these types of event rely mostly on the Audio Visual as their method of delivering the content.

Due to the nature of the event, the Audio-Visual design has to be versatile enough to accommodate each different requirement. A good sound reinforcement system is required to reproduce speech during presentation, vocals needs to be emphasised during live band performance. In synergy with the audio, a good display system is also very important to deliver the desired visual content.

Last but not least, let’s not forget about the usage of ambient lighting system as well as stage lighting system. A dimmable ambient lighting system may be utilized to create a certain mood, whilst a dramatic stage lighting system will create a unique atmosphere to the venue. These systems can also be configured based on the types of event that the space will have.

ESCO has been in the Audio Visual industry since 1989 and has several prestigious portfolios into the Hospitality industry, namely Raffles Hotel Jakarta and Hyatt Regency – Bali. We have the experience to design and built the required Audio, Visual, Ambient Lighting, Stage Lighting system.

We are more than capable to design the audio, visual, and lighting solutions. From the basic audio needs such as suspended ceiling mount speakers, pendant speakers, fixed hanging speakers, portable tripod pole-mounted speakers, even line-array speaker systems, to the lower frequency extension, we can recommend a number of subwoofers whenever required. Similarly, for visual, there are several options from regular TVs, digital signage displays, projector screens, video walls, to giant LED displays. We also have several options for both dimmable ambient lightings and stage lightings.

ESCO is also capable of taking it one step further by integrating some or all of the systems by adding a controller, which can be remotely controlled by a standard Apple iPad or a fixed touch screen controller mounted within the room. The controller will simplify the entire operation of systems that are seemingly complex and difficult, becomes easy to operate. A user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) which can be tailor made, makes the user experience a lot easier. A combination of these will boost the confidence of the user greatly when promoting the space.

In the fast-paced Hospitality industry, on-site support is often overlooked, but greatly required as issues may arise during setup or at the event itself. Our team comprises of very talented individuals that are trained to be able to solve the issues as soon as possible to minimize the downtime to as little as possible.

It is our philosophy in ESCO to deliver the very best to our clients. This includes offering the best solutions based on the client’s budget restrictions with the best service support based on the requirements. Furthermore, ESCO always thrive to maintain our quality of installations following the Global standard of AV industry based on GPA (Global Presence Alliance) and AVIXA.