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New Products from Extron

Extron has introduced new products, launched at the Integrate Australia 2018.

New Streaming card for the Quantum videowall processor, Quantum IN SMD 100

This card will allow users to decode sources directly being stream into the Video Wall Processor. It is ideal for sources that may be at a far distance or simply sources that are distributed in a network as it is becoming more common these days.

SF 3PT sound field pendant speaker

Designed for applications like speech reinforcement and audio playback. These are ideal for open ceiling applications to complement the aesthetics, with the unique functionality that included a safety wire within the outer jacket, hence providing a clean installation.

Extron Studio Station

Nowadays, it is becoming more common for companies to create their own corporate video messages and news channels. Extron has launched a fully automated system for a simple Studio Room setup, where users simply walk in and start the system, do the recording and extract the video content for further editing. This system allows us to control the lighting, camera and recording system, with possibility for the user to record in a USB thumb drive when the session is complete.

Extron IN1804 seamless scaler switcher

A new addition to the Extron seamless scaling switchers family, this 4 inputs and dual output switcher for DisplayPort and HDMI comes in three different options to suit different environments or scenarios. IN1804, IN1804 DO and IN1804 DI, where the DO and DI are the models including a DTP2 (Twisted Pair cable extension) output or Input respectively for the cases where we require extension of an Output or Input.

Extron HC404 pair Transmitter-Receiver with control enable capabilities

This set is ideal for most of the small and simple meeting room, huddle spaces and even with Videoconference, this system can take up practically all that is needed in terms of AV connectivity and control without the need for additional equipment.