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Words from our CTS Achievers

Technology plays an important role in this fast-moving era. In order to prepare for what is ahead of us and be skilled in the AV industry, three individuals from our team have recently embarked on an exciting journey to be a Certified Technology Specialist (CTS).

A Certified Technology Specialist performs technology solution tasks by creating, operating, and servicing AV solutions while conducting AV Management activities that provide the best audiovisual resolutions of the client’s needs, both on time and within budget. By having the CTS certification, it shows your commitment to being the best, in the AV field and for your company.

In order for one to be certified, they have to go through an exam before they are certified. Here are some insights from our three individuals who have managed to earn their CTS certification:

” I challenged myself to take the CTS exam because I know that it will bring great value to me and our company. One of our goals is to be world-class and having the CTS certification is one of the steps to achieve this. It is also a good way to inspire my colleagues to be certified as well. 
The first thing that I did was scheduled my exam and purchased the CTS Exam Guide thru Amazon. This made me invested personally. I try to finish one chapter every night and tried the online test exams. It is a personal achievement that I am proud of.” – Michael Natividad, Vice President, Professional Services, ESCO Phillippines

”My CTS journey has been very fruitful, as I came from a different industry (structured cabling) and I wasn’t familiar with the AV Technology. I embarked on the certification process by studying the CTS study guide which was very well written, covering the essential AV knowledge (Basic signal Technology / Audio system / Video system / Control system) and the AV industry task-related subject from creating AV solutions all the way to the maintaining the AV operations.
I have truly benefited from it, especially the AV industry task-related subject which I can apply to my day-to-day work as an AV Project Manager. Personally, I would recommend anyone who is in the AV industry to take on CTS as not only it is a very well recognized industry certification. I think the biggest benefit that I’ve gained will be acquiring new knowledge in the process and the confidence I have in dealing with day-to-day questions from clients and partners,” – Yi Bin, Project Manager, Project Management ESCO, Singapore

”Hard work always pays off.” – Leslie Teo, Assistant Manager, Engineering, ESCO Singapore