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ELMO Visualiser – Useful tool for remote learning

Make your presentation and communication more dynamic and efficient with ELMO visualizer.

With intuitive, friendly, and easy-to-use features, the ELMO object camera allows teachers to project a variety of objects from paper documents, samples, experiments, etc. over the internet. Just connect to a power source, laptop and connect to online teaching software such as Zoom, Skype, Teams….

Have control over the images you present

Máy chiếu vật thể ELMO – Công cụ dạy học Online từ xa hiệu quả

Two apps that the ELMO brand offers: ELMO Interactive Toolbox (EIT) and Image Mate + Cloud (IM + C), make presentations even easier.

ELMO Interactive Toolbox (EIT) software for Windows/macOS allows you to zoom, rotate, highlight and freeze images and annotate them, making teaching more interactive and engaging.

ELMO Interactive Toolbox (EIT)

Another interesting function is the whiteboard mode. For the duration of the session and to save for future lessons, teachers can take pictures and record short videos using the EELMO Interactive Toolbox (EIT). The EIT is available for download at





Image Mate +Cloud

Image Mate + Cloud (IM+C) is ELMO’s web-based application and is fully accessible via your chrome browser, requiring no download to your local drive.

Find more information on how easy and useful the application is here:

Image Mate +Cloud- screen

 Some recommended ELMO visualizers


Máy chiếu vật thể ELMO L12W

 Global Standard

  • Powered by Android (5.0)
  • Zoom x192 (Optical Zoom x12 + Digital x16)
  • Annotation App and QR Reader Pre-installed
  • Adjustable Arm and Camera Head
  • Pass-through (HDMI/RGB)

2. ELMO Visualizer MX-P


Portable 4K model 

  • Direct Outputs of USB/HDMI/RGB
  • Only 22mm slim, 550g light
  • 4K Image Transfer via USB 3.0
  • Digital Zoom x16

To find out more information about ELMO visualizer, please visit:

Distributer: ESCO AV Solutions Vietnam

Ms. Tuyên Lê ([email protected])