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Reasons for migrating to the cloud with Zoom Phone

Expanding businesses and evolving work arrangements evidently explain the norm for employees to be distributed across many locations, or work from home in the foreseeable future.

To thrive in a hybrid workplace environment, modern businesses must reduce the barriers that prevent productive communication.

Therefore, it is salient that businesses explore solutions beyond what a legacy can Private Branch Exchange (PBX) offer.

A legacy PBX simply handled telephony, so users would need to juggle between separate software for web conferencing or messaging.

Empowering the hybrid workforce with flexible and reliable communications, cloud VoIP offers a single platform, along with unified solutions, that enables users to have a full suite of communication modalities to facilitate internal and external communication easily.

Overall, migrating legacy PBX to the cloud, support organisations to expand the capabilities of their phone system to a full-featured UCaaS platform, bringing tremendous value to organisations.

Intuitive user experience and accessibility

With a complete UCaaS offering, Zoom Phone’s single application offers an intuitive and accessible user experience for employees no matter their location and, devices – from mobile, to desktops or desk phone.

An exceptionally useful benefit is how it replaces a voice-only solution and enables users to effortlessly transition between chats, calling, and meetings. Its one-click option to elevate calls to meetings allows employees to reduce time spent, alleviating the need to shuffle between multiple platforms.

This also eases user onboarding and adoption when there is only one system to install and learn.

Trusted and Reliability Communication

Unlike on-premises solutions built on on-premise hardware, Zoom Phone offers global availability and reliability over a robust global network.

Zoom Phone provides local telephony service across 45+ countries, and toll-free service in 29 countries, allowing businesses to consolidate phone system requirements on a single, unified platform.

This resiliency supports users no matter their location, natively routing traffic for the best performance of real-time communications.

Flexibility and reduced overhead costs

As a cloud solution, Zoom Phone’s service logic, features, and connectivity are built on geographically redundant and reliable data centers in the cloud. Therefore, calls can always be routed and answered with flexible options.

Businesses can advertise a single identifying number across various modalities, such as calling, SMS, chat, and added capabilities like collaboration, video meetings, whiteboarding, and flexible rooms.

Furthermore, Zoom Phone offers flexibility for businesses to connect the cloud PBX to the PSTN, including local PSTN Service or Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

It offers local PSTN connectivity in 47 countries and territories and continues to add new regions to its portfolio. These flexible plans support the needs of businesses of all sizes, whether they are a large multi-national company or small businesses with local presence in a single country.

Zoom Phone Bring Your Own Carrier also does not require the switching from existing service provider contracts, phone numbers, and calling rates with preferred carriers of record.

All in all, Zoom Phone supports the consolidation of solutions, cost-savings and operational agility. If you are interested to find out more about Zoom Phone, contact [email protected] today.


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