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Interactive Board - Magic tool for classroom
Interactive boards (smart boards) are interactive display surfaces that enable users to control computers, projectors, and other devices. They incorporate touch-sensing technology to enable users to interact with content on the board by physically touching the surface. This allows users to easily move, resize, open, and close items and draw, write, and annotate directly on the board.
The main difference between a regular display and a smart board is the ability to directly interact with the content. This can be done via the touch sensor or through the stylus pen. With a regular screen, interaction is limited to using a mouse or keyboard. With a regular whiteboard, users can only use chalk and whiteboard pens. An interactive whiteboard is an application combination of a display screen, and a whiteboard and even has the ability to interact as a touch screen of a smartphone or tablet.
For teachers, this is an extremely useful advanced teaching device in the classroom, both as a teaching medium that acts as a whiteboard or a normal projector, and students can easily interact with it. boards, providing an interactive learning environment and allowing students to respond immediately.

Students can benefit from interactive boards/smart boards by being able to engage with lessons in a dynamic way, facilitating collaboration between students, allowing for multimedia integration, and providing access to a wide range of resources and information.

Here in ESCO, we provide many interactive board solutions, to name a few are such as Microsoft Surface Hub, ELMO Interactive Board which are all widely used in schools and as well as in Business.
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