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Microsoft Copilot – Your reliable buddy for work
As we all know, the application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) will become increasingly prevalent in 2023. Many businesses, particularly workers, utilize AI to make jobs easier or to improve firm goods.
In this situation, Microsoft also contributed to the development of AI as a type of existence that follows current patterns. Microsoft Copilot is Microsoft's most recent AI technology, allowing users to connect and integrate directly with numerous built-in apps or technologies from Microsoft, such as Bing/Edge, Microsoft 365, GitHub, Clipchamp, and others.

This is a chance for those of you who use the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and others, to work more productively and creatively.

With AI technology that has been created with algorithms in such a manner that it allows you to write more creatively, you may tell Microsoft Copilot's AI to perform various tasks, such as verifying meeting schedules, writing meeting summaries, and so on. You may also instruct Copilot to automatically transmit a meeting summary or discussion points to your team, ensuring that everyone in the team has the same understanding.
More information about each platform:

1. Word

It must be accepted that not everyone is capable of writing that is organized, innovative, and in compliance with business demands. Some people require time and modification to generate valid and good writing. However, using Copilot in Word, you can simply address this problem. Copilot will supply a rough draft screenplay. This draft is customizable, so you may make changes to fit your writing needs. If you believe something is inappropriate, you have complete control over the material contained. Work is neater, quicker, and more accurate as a result!
2. Microsoft PowerPoint

Do you frequently use PowerPoint to give presentations? Microsoft Copilot is now available in PowerPoint, allowing you to make presentations more fascinating and interactive. Beautiful presentations using easy instructions, including pertinent material from papers you authored last week or last year.

3. Excel

Create, Edit, Summarize, and understand. With Microsoft Copilot in Excel, you can make more accurate and timely conclusions based on current data. You may offer the copilot orders to supply the data information you want without having to recreate separate data.

4. Outlook Copilot

It will be able to assist you in condensing numerous long email chains into one. You can also instruct the copilot to react to emails as soon as possible. In terms of team connectedness, Microsoft Copilot may summarize talks during meetings in greater detail, detailing who contributed comments, reached decisions, and supplied minutes proposing future steps.
On November 1, 2023, Microsoft 365 Copilot will be released and broadly available. Interested in learning more about the advantages of your company's work ecosystem? Contact us at [email protected] for additional information and to discuss your unique needs.

ESCO and Microsoft are moving ahead together, embracing innovation. — #ExcellenceDelievered