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It’s one of the most frequently asked questions our experts hear from prospective clients: “Why do I need Rendezvous by NFS when I already use Outlook for my workplace scheduling needs?”

We know exactly why they ask, of course. Many people are using Outlook for their scheduling needs and feel it satisfies their requirements.

But what they don’t know is that integration with Rendezvous workplace management technology can make life a whole lot easier – and help create a superb employee experience every time.

So for us, it’s an easy question to answer: As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we’ve got no fewer than 10 brilliant reasons why NFS enhances your Outlook experience – and delivers so much more.

Here’s why:

1. You don’t have to leave Outlook to access the amazing room location and booking power of Rendezvous workplace software.

2. The integration offers you three beautifully simple user experiences to choose from: Outlook plug-in, O365 add-in, or you can just book directly from the calendar. We keep things flexible to suit your individual needs.

3. You can have the same user experience in Outlook as in the web application – a familiarity that makes every transaction effortless.

4. The Rendezvous platform uses Microsoft Graph API to the fullest extent, providing seamless integration. We develop the system constantly to meet the evolving needs of the industry, and our solution is highly customizable to reflect the individual nature of every organization.

From the functionality perspective

5. Manage multiple rooms seamlessly and coordinate different rooms in different locations and even across time zones – simultaneously! You can do this from a mobile app as a self-service option, or if you’re organizing something more complex we offer a high-touch service with the human touch when required.

6. Once you’ve booked space, it’s simple to add external guests, catering, equipment, and ancillary services to the booking in the same intuitive process. You can also be sure that the equipment you need for your meeting – such as VC or AC – is available

at each location.

7. Rendezvous generates detailed reports on meeting room occupancy and usage that you can use to support robust space decisions and reconfigurations.

8. The technology automatically releases non-utilized rooms, so if someone has booked but does not turn up to use the room, the valuable space does not stand empty.

9. Rendezvous notifies hosts, attendees, and key stakeholders of any booking changes, which helps reduce confusion and therefore cuts the number of no-shows or late starts. It also cuts down a huge amount of admin for the organizer.

10. All configuration (minor and major changes) can be done by specified admins without needing Global 365 administrators.

Our NFS experts love explaining all these benefits, and there’s plenty more for you to discover about how NFS and Rendezvous enhance workplace management and create a satisfying employee experience that makes encouraging the RTO that much easier.

Go on – book a free Rendezvous demo and ask us any questions!


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