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Protective Landscape

Protective Street Furniture is not traditionally viewed as products that enhance landscapes, more as a necessary evil to ensure our people, places and infrastructure are kept safe from threat.

In most cases, protective products are developed with minimal consideration given to their design.

Marshalls Landscape Protection has flipped this on its head. A design, engineering and specification philosophy enables highly effective protection to blend seamlessly into urban landscape design. Allowing architects, planners and designers to install the levels of security required without instilling fear.

Protective Landscape

The Marshalls Landscape Protection product portfolio includes a wide range of products that defend, deter or deflect. Whether an area needs to be protected with crash rated furniture that can withstand a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 50mph, or if a busy high street needs protecting from slower moving errant vehicles or whether a visual deterrent is required to keep an area secure there is a product type to suit all requirements.

Our specialist design and engineering teams are experienced in a range of materials from natural stone and concrete to aluminium, stainless steel and timber. So if you don’t find what you need within the Marshalls Landscape Furniture range, your options don’t end there. Our exceptional bespoke products often start with a flash of inspiration that is then fully explored and carefully nurtured throughout your project.

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