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Purchase, Lease or Pay-as-you-go for Microsoft Surface Hub 2S at 0% interest. Flexible Plans available.

Enable teamwork anywhere with the Surface Hub 2S family of devices, a Microsoft Teams-certified meetings platform and interactive whiteboard for business that brings teams together.

Guaranteed response from us within 1 working day.

    *We have successfully deployed the Surface Hub 2s in Goodpack, Siemens, Freshfields and many more. ESCO is your trusted technology hardware partner, established since 1989.

    *ESCO is a Gold Partner for Microsoft and is the Top Surface Hub Reseller in Singapore 2017/18


    Lease a Microsoft Surface Hub at
    0% interest.
    Flexible leasing options available.

    Some of our successful delivery

    Why choose ESCO?

    Microsoft Certified Surface Hub Specialist to install, implement, configure and train your team on Surface Hub Devices

    Dedicated ESCO Customer Success Manager

    We integrate with your existing AV systems

    Flexible Plans




    Suitable For

    Companies looking for full ownership of the device

    Companies willing to invest long term but don’t want to commit a lump sum.

    Companies looking at short term equipment trials and do not need to own the device.


    One-off payment

    Quarterly payment

    Monthly (S$2,000 Activation fee applies. Subsequent month S$700)



    1 year, 2 years, and 3 years options. Early termination penalty applies.

    Cancel anytime with 30 days notice


    12 months



    Technical Support

    12 months

    Contract period

    Contract period

    Device Ownership




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    85″, it’s coming.

    Preorder the newest member of the
    Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Family

    Move beyond meetings, to true teaming

    Teams come in all shapes and sizes. They can be local or spread across the globe. People are your biggest investment – and your most valuable asset. To transform from collaboration to true teamwork, you need to invest in tools that bring out their best in the conference room, in a team space, in any space.

    Modular and updateable

    Easily unlock the best experiences from Microsoft as new software, hardware and services are available.

    4K camera

    See every detail in crystal clarity with 4K resolution and wide-angle lens.

    Far-field microphones

    The Microsoft Teams-certified mic array captures participants’ voices while reducing background noise.

    20-point multi-touch

    Invites simultaneous inking with 20 simultaneous touch points.

    Team collaboration moves with you with Steelcase Roam™ Mobile Stands. Unplug with the APC™ Charge Mobile Battery for Surface Hub 2S 50”.

    microsoft surface hub 2s

    For great meeting and collaboration experiences in shared spaces, Surface Hub 2S comes with Windows 10 Team. For a personal desktop experience, configure your Surface Hub 2S with Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise.

    microsoft surface hub 2s

    Any room can be a meeting space for your teams. Surface Hub 2S integrates with Microsoft Teams-certified peripherals and Microsoft Teams Rooms systems.


    Surface Hub 2S 85”

    For a large-room meeting experience with big teams, pair Surface Hub 2S 85” with high-resolution enhanced camera and mics.

    Surface Hub 2S 50″

    For smaller spaces and quick huddles, Surface Hub 2S 50” is a perfect fit with the Surface Hub 2 Camera,5 integrated far-field mics and crystal-clear speakers.

    Manage remotely and stay secure anywhere

    Maintain secure control of every Surface Hub 2S device, wherever your teams work. Centrally manage settings and policies remotely through Microsoft Intune, and rest assured that Windows 10 keeps data safe and secure.

    Manage settings and policies remotely

    Enhance productivity and ensure device compliance wherever your teams work.

    Security protocols when you power on

    Support a secure collaborative experience. From custom firmware to signature scrutiny of all executable code, Windows 10 Team protects the whole system.

    Windows 10 keeps data safe and secure

    Get enterprise-grade security to enforce data protection with BitLocker and TPM 2.0, plus cloud-powered security with Microsoft Defender.

    Built for easy install in modern spaces

    Simplify installations with packaging designed to move through elevators and around tight corners.