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Projection and Display Technology


Projection and Display Technology has taken precedence in today’s technologically advanced society. As an interactive and informative advertising tool, it can deliver customized, relevant and interesting multimedia content that could be easily created and controlled.

ESCO provides solutions to enhance sales and marketing returns through content creation and a wide selection of intelligent software and hardware from various reputable brands.

High quality presentations

In line with today’s technological demands in delivering omnipresent presentations we offer a complete range of projectors, from desktop, ceiling mount, compact, portable, wireless, interactive to edge blended, split-screen, multi-bulb, ultra-high resolution projectors. We leverage on today’s technologies to ensure you have an awe inspiring experience, whilst keeping your installation simple and easy to use.

Enhancing screen writing capabilities on interactive display.

Static signages just won’t cut it anymore, in a fast pace world, capturing attention effectively, is crucial. Discover interactive displays that are built to endure most environments that make collaborations simple and effective. In ESCO, we work with esteemed partners to provide a wide range of interactive displays suited to the communication platforms that you use.

Level up your digital display technology

Take digital display technology to the next level with ESCO. Through our partnerships with several world’s leading display manufacturers, our sales engineers would be able to recommend and advise you on ideal digital displays panels that can meet your requirements and specifications. We provide digital displays such as LED, LED’s large Format Video Walls, Electronic Score Boards and Backlit LEDS.

Amplify your messages

Give your messages and branding the WOW Factor with Video Walls. From LCD to LED, ESCO provide Video Wall solutions with the help from our in-house expert designers and our certified engineers. Our Video Wall Solutions can be used in control rooms, meeting rooms or even as a digital signage display outside at strategic locations at your premises or retail outlets.

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