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Video Conferencing and Collaboration


Elevate your meeting room experiences with Video Conferencing Solutions from some of our renowned IT partners such as Microsoft, Zoom and Crestron. Here in ESCO, we provide a wide range of Video Conferencing Solutions for all types of Meeting Rooms.

Efficient Virtual Meetings

Given the highly connected society that we live in today, travelling across borders for important meetings is no longer a concern, as they can now be conducted via Video Conferencing and Real- Life Telepresence. ESCO is well-versed in providing high-definition audio and video conferencing, as well as live streaming and recording. In addition, an immersive Telepresence where meetings across borders can now be done in the perimeters of a room, creating a real-life scenario of a one-to-one discussion, board meeting or seminar. ESCO’s team of experienced engineers can design, supply and install the equipment supporting both multi-point immersive conferencing and simple point-to-point set up.

Improved Collaboration

Within any business there are hundreds of processes, many of which have grown organically or have been inherited. They help us manage everything from small details such as where we file our documents, through to the big things, for instance how we manage delivery of products.We enhance these processes through innovation. Using established methodologies ESCO observes the processes that naturally occur in your organization and develops technology tools that enhance your existing processes. Saving time, reducing cost and improving productivity. Process innovation creates greater opportunity.

Enable everyone to be seen, heard, and fully participate from anywhere

Microsoft Teams Rooms are purpose-built, native calling and meeting solutions delivering a complete Teams meeting experience, with high-definition audio and video, on Teams certified 1st and 3rd party hardware. Teams Rooms go beyond what can be done with Teams on personal devices by providing unique in-room capabilities, like one-touch join, content cameras to share physical whiteboards into the meeting in an intelligent way, and proximity features likeseamlessly transferring the room into a Teams meeting from your own personal device.

Move beyond meetings, to true teaming

Enable teamwork anywhere with the Surface Hub 2S family of devices, a Microsoft Teams-certified meetings platform and interactive whiteboard for business that brings teams together.

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