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Content or Technology Driven – that is not really the question.

The best solutions do not rely solely on investment in the latest technology, but also quite simply, the consultation with specialists. It is through the close consultations between specialists and clients, in which objectives are discussed and reviewed so that the best results can be achieved.

Specialists can advise clients on content and display sizes, resolutions, aspect ratios, etc. These information are very important and need to be communicated to customers, allowing them to understand the implications of each decision and how best to obtain the desired results and image quality.

Often, people may neglect the importance of the content. Technology can impress but it is together with content that truly grabs and hold the attention of viewers. One may invest a lot of money on the latest and most expensive technology there is in the market, but at the end of the day, if it is coupled with poor content, viewers will be unimpressed and it will be a wastage of what the system can truly offers.

The idea here is pretty simple and one that clients should bear in mind from the beginning of any project. Imagine a car race and we have the best racing car with performance that far exceeds the rest of the competition. If we put this car in the hands of an inexperienced driver or a driver that does not truly understand its potential, the final result will be quite disappointing.

The same applies to content and display technologies. There should be a match between the technology and the content that will allow users to obtain the best results possible. This is why in ESCO, we offer our expertise and advise clients on their needs, to ensure that our clients get the best result possible and to maximize the full potential of what their system and solution can offer.

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