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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation: Protect your Workspace from Potential Threats

While walking around the streets, have you ever chanced upon a couple of cylindrical structures and wondered what is their purpose? That is what we called ”Bollards”. These are one of the essential items used to protect our public spaces and National Critical Infrastructure from a Hostile Vehicle attack. These bollards when installed in a logical way, not only offer high security and meet increasing demand for aesthetics, but also help us control access and manage traffic & pedestrian permeability.

But little do people know about the structure within and underneath the ground which makes these bollards tough enough to stop a vehicle. Little do people know about the technological challenges and the rigorous testing these bollards have went through before ending up into the actual ground for their purpose.

The truck attack on Bastille Day crowd, in Nice in 2016, followed by carnival procession in the German town of Volkmarsen, has shook the HVM industry. It has shifted our focus from “protecting critical assets” to protecting places of “general crowd gathering”.

Furthermore, following the implementation of Infrastructure Protection act in Singapore, general crowds are considered critical assets to be protected. This opens a wide range of potential targets available to terrorists and also eases the availability of the weapon used (generally a truck), since they do not need to load the trucks with any explosive device anymore.

With the increased market demand, plenty of new market players have come up with new engineered solutions with little or no experience, offering nothing but a false sense of protection. The end users, who are generally ignorant of the industry, often end up buying a protection which is either over specified or not effective at all.

ESCO has collaborated with many reputed HVM manufacturers and together, we offer a comprehensive range of HVM products catering for every known impact rating and every known product type suitable for a wide range of site-specific constraints.

If you are an end user looking to protect an asset or a consultant engaged by your client, you are welcome to look for us for an expert advice, or a site survey/feasibility check and a recommendation of the products specific to your site constraints.

Singapore aims to protect its citizen and its national assets, making it a safer place and ESCO is helping by providing HVM solutions to achieve this goal.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact our HVM department Head Sanjeev at [email protected] or at +65 98517215.