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An Intern’s Perspective: The Global Presence Alliance (GPA) Summit 2018.

A group photo of the GPA dressed in our local identities during the Gala dinner.

The GPA brings together organisations in the Audio-Visual (AV) industry to stretch their capabilities and the limits of communications to provide excellence to customers from all over the world.

The summit this year focused on how to provide the best User Experience (UX) for our customers. ESCO (Singapore) was the hosting member this year and as an intern with ESCO, I was given the opportunity to be involved in the planning and organization. 29 member organisations and many partners and clients from all over the world gathered in Singapore.

IGPA members sharing and discussing strategies for the future.

The yearly meet also looked to reward outstanding individuals and members for our remarkable achievements and dedication to their job while realigning the organisation’s objectives and equip each other in skillsets (e.g. design, sales and operations) to provide customers from all over the world with a standardised, high-levelled service quality. New strategies focusing on the evolving needs of both present and future customers were also discussed and evaluated.

The theme chosen for the GPA Gala Dinner was one that celebrates the diversity of our members. Members were encouraged to come dressed in an outfit representative of their culture, ethnicity or a character that best represents our country. At the dinner, we have several interesting outfits such as the Steve Irwin(s) from our Australia friends.

Members dressing up to represent their country.

A complementary gift bag provided by ESCO (Singapore) was put together with a local twist to bring the GPA through Singapore’s history; honouring the roots and foundations of the now, bustling metropolis.

A complementary gift bag provided by ESCO for attendees with a Singaporean twist aptly named as the “Barang Barang”.

In it, we have the nostalgic ‘good morning’ towel, the traditional cup and saucer found in most kopitiams and our iconic made in Singapore – Tiger Balm. We have popcorn in local flavors – Teh Tarik and Chicken Rice and the beloved Iced Gems from our childhood.

To further instil creativity and foster partnerships between the members and partners, the team battled over a friendly match of BBQ. During the BBQ, I witnessed some of the most interesting improvisations and surprising flavors.

Having been a part of many planning committees of events, I am no stranger to the process of making an event come to life. However, I noticed that one thing was different in this corporate partnership while I helped in the preparations; summarising the GPA in one word is simple; “family”.

Members of the GPA snapping a casual photo together during the summit.

Family can be defined as a group of people who looks out for each other, grows each other to reach their full potential, and look ahead into the future with the desire to succeed together. Family means that no one gets left behind. In all, it has been a great honour to be part of such an amazing experience and inspiring Summit.