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Singapore Innovation Centre at BNY Mellon

Established in Singapore in 1974, BNY Mellon (BNYM) provides premier financial services to organizations in Singapore with a broad spectrum of technology and investment solutions to help these organizations better serve their clients. BNY Mellon is also the first issuer of sponsored depositary receipts from Singapore, and was one of the first organizations to offer local brokers and their clients online investing services to the US market.

The growth of BNY Mellon can be reflected in the expansion of their office, by creating a new space – Singapore Innovation Centre. ESCO was engaged to fulfill the AV needs of a modern and sophisticated office.

The scope of the project involved fitting out Huddle Rooms, Digital Signages and a Townhall consisting of multi-function rooms. For this project, we used NEC Displays, Barco Clickshare, Cisco Video Conference and Crestron Control Systems. The digital signage solution used was Brightsign.

Huddle Rooms

These video-enabled conference rooms utilize BNYM’s furnished Cisco MX200 video conferencing units. All system audio and video are also provided by the Cisco MX200.

There is one wireless presentation unit, Barco ClickShare, installed under the table which allows users to preset content from their laptop via the provided USB dongle or via a mobile application. The control of this room is accomplished through the Cisco Touch10 Touch Panel that is located on the table.

Digital Signage Spaces

Each of this space utilizes one NEC 50″ Display. A wireless presentation unit, Barco ClickShare, is installed under the table which allows users to present content from their laptop. BrightSign DigitalSignage (BSDS) player, which runs AppSpace, will convert the displays to digital signages. All these can be controlled using the Crestron MPC-M5 button controller.

Townhall Space

These video-enabled multi-purpose room utilizes a Cisco SX80 codec with three 90” NEC displays. There are two front Cisco P60 camera, and a rear camera for presenter capabilities. Six ceiling microphones is integrated into the system.

A Crestron Digital Media switch is used in this solution, sending information to the three displays across the front of the room.

During the installation, the team experienced a few technical problems. For instance, installation of Brightsign digital signage players was a first for us. The support from our GPA partner, Whitlock, has been vital in circumventing these and in ensuring that everything was resolved in a timely manner. Thankfully, with the support and flexibility of BNYM and Whitlock, we were allowed to adjust the wiring and positioning layout. Further, for our team, working with US teams (BNYM IT department and Whitlock) also called for a flexibility in working hours and working with a 12 hours’ time difference. At times, this inevitably resulted in a day’s delay or so, in getting change request approvals, organizing discussion and having brainstorming sessions. The control programming, which was done by Whitlock also required precise coordination and accurate information sharing. This was perhaps, the most challenging technically as we had to be the eyes and hands of the programmer.

At present, the installation is completed and has been commissioned for use, with the goals met and client’s requirements fulfilled. For our team, hearing positive feedbacks, mostly on the aesthetics and ease of use of the system were most rewarding. Customer satisfaction has been and will remain to be our greatest gratification for every projects.