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Redefining Collaborative Space with Teams Rooms.

Enable everyone to be seen, heard, and fully participate from anywhere.

Embrace the Hybrid Workplace!

In the future, the workplace will be hybrid. An experience that can be realized across a continuum of spaces, propelled by the flexibility to choose when and where one works. Despite not being new to all, this flexibility will be new to many and have a wide-ranging impact.

Why is that relevant to my Workplace?

The hybrid workplace will bring increased movement between workspaces. The flow of people into the office may be inconsistent, with some days bringing more activity than others. The office will have various purposes, whether that be access to spaces designed for productivity and collaboration, reliable network connectivity, or a destination to help separate work and life. Regardless of the many possible reasons to go into the office, the decision will be deliberate. To ensure people working remotely can fully participate in team collaboration and meetings, workspaces in the office will need technology to help bridge the divide.

Seamlessly connect people across the Hybrid Workplace.

Microsoft Teams Rooms are purpose-built, native calling and meeting solutions delivering a complete Teams meeting experience, with high-definition audio and video, on Teams certified 1st and 3rd party hardware. When we say “purpose-built and native” we mean the experience is specifically, and thoughtfully designed by Microsoft for the Teams user.

Teams Rooms go beyond what can be done with Teams on personal devices by providing unique in-room capabilities, like one-touch join, content cameras to share physical whiteboards into the meeting in an intelligent way, and proximity features like seamlessly transferring the room into a Team meeting from your own personal device.

Bring Teams to every space with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Physical spaces are designed to accommodate the kinds of activities that will happen there. Different types of activities or connections may facilitate different meeting behaviours. For example, consider the different behaviours that might occur in a classroom versus a boardroom.

Furniture helps define how a space is going to be used. Furniture and finishes will be important to think about for the space to be effective. For existing spaces, the technology should align with the furniture layout. As an example, if tables and chairs are set up for presentations and in-person meetings, the technology should follow. For new spaces, the intended use of the room should drive both furniture and technology considerations.

Microsoft’s vision for the future of meeting rooms.

The future of work will be fluid, dynamic and cloud-powered. With experiences that allow people to be there, from anywhere, at any time. With meetings you can join seamlessly, that bring us together, that is inclusive, where every voice is heard, and everyone clearly represented.

We see a future where meetings are immersive and spaces are designed around people, bringing everyone together around the same virtual table, even if they’re not in the room. With dynamic meeting views that keep everyone connected to the content and each other. Where formal presentations are paired with collaborative chats, digital canvases unleash group creativity, and everyone can connect face to face wherever they are.

Our vision for meetings is grounded in a simple belief, they should offer so much more than just a one-time transaction. Meetings of the future will be designed for everyone, whether they’re in the room or across the world.

Microsoft Teams Rooms remove the barriers that exist between spaces and deliver equitable meeting experiences for everyone. Teams users feel confident and empowered to work from anywhere, knowing they’ll be seen, heard and can participate fully in the modern workplace.

Bring your Microsoft Teams into your Conference Rooms for Perfect Meeting Safety, HD Audio, and Video, and easy sharing of content with participants in the room and online.

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