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Microsoft Surface Hub 2S: Transforming Work Spaces


Who would have thought that 2021 would be a year where remote working is a norm in the current work landscape? We began to accept the changes and live in a world where what we thought was not possible, became possible. Businesses began to accept the new reality and are looking for technology that helps to increase collaboration and engagement for their remote workers. This is where the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S comes into place.


With remote working set in place, Microsoft Surface Hubs 2S has helped many businesses across a range of industries to elevate the remote working experience. For instance, Surface Hub has been used by healthcare professionals, hospitals, and pandemic crisis response teams to connect remote offices and central response locations. They have placed Surface Hub in hospital wards and specific areas so that the community can stay in touch with the frontline services while seeing information that they need on the huge screen. Other than the healthcare industry, education and schools have also leverage on the features and functions of the Surface Hub to facilitate hybrid learning for students. To further maximize collaboration and engagement, educational institutions have replaced their traditional whiteboard with Surface Hub. Collaborative tools like the Surface Hub helps in bridging gaps in the Hybrid world.


Give Everyone a front seat

Surface Hub 2S devices running Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise have the same Microsoft Teams desktop features as Windows 10 PCs, like group chat, the ability to record meetings, and Together mode, a meeting experience where everyone feels like they’re sitting in the same room.

Make better connections for your Hybrid Teams

With Microsoft Teams meetings on Surface Hub 2S, team members or service providers can meet, connect, and go beyond screen sharing to interact with colleagues and customers in a more direct, engaging way by using touchscreen displays, integrated cameras, an interactive whiteboard, and many other apps and tools.

Whiteboard together wherever you work

With technologies such as Surface Hub 2S and the shared Microsoft Whiteboard experience in the Microsoft Teams, hybrid teams in a Virtual Meeting can brainstorm quickly, sketching out ideas together to fly.


All in all, Surface Hub have helped various industries to have ease in their transition into the new hybrid and satellite work environments. It has helped to transformed various spaces where people can not only meet but collaborate in the room and with people who are working remotely. Available in 50 inches and 85 inches, organizations can choose the sizes based on their hybrid spaces.


In ESCO, we provide flexible payment plans for organizations to purchase or lease the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S from as low as S$700 per month. To find out more about the flexible plans for the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S contact [email protected].