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ESCO Vietnam: Smart Meeting Rooms Webinar

Recently, ESCO Vietnam held a webinar on Smart Meeting Room with CMC CMS, Logitech and Samsung. In this event, ESCO AV Vietnam had a short introduction about ESCO and our solutions in building a smart meeting room.

It was an informative event as attendees are able to understand the different types of meeting rooms and the challenges they faced when implementing these smart meeting room solutions. Other than meeting rooms solutions, attendees get to know more about DELOS, ESCO new partner, a company that provide advanced air purifiers that will enhance indoor quality in compliance with government guidelines on ventilation in workspaces and public transport.

DELOS air purifiers are individually tested and certified to guarantee better than HEPA efficiency removing 99.99^ of particles at 0.007 – much smaller than COVID-19. Additionally, ESCO has become an authorised distributor of DELOS in Vietnam to provide Wellness Health Solutions in the Vietnam Market.