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Legrand Mobile VC Solution – Flexview Conferencing

Photo courtesy of Legrand

The Video Conferencing market is changing at a vertiginous speed since the Covid-19 situation and the growth for Hybrid spaces. The demand for products and solutions around Video Conferencing has increased significantly. In this article, we will review the Legrand Flexview Conferencing Cart.

Image 1. – Legrand Flexview Conferencing Cart (Display Purchase sold separately.)

This product is a mix between MidleAtlantic and Vadio efforts combined to provide this mobile cart for VC systems. The Mobile cart is able to accommodate most of the displays, up to 75” size, and it has built-in Camera, microphones and speakers (Vaddio Huddleshot FC) so we do not need to worry about the installation of the camera or any brackets mounting accessories for camera and speakers, thus, making it easy for both the client and the installation crew.

The camera is a 125 degrees FOV with a 2x Zoom, ideal for small and medium spaces. There is the possibility to pair the system with an external microphone, table or ceiling mounted for larger spaces. The cart comes with levelling feet so that one is able to move the cart to another space using the castor wheels. There is also a shelf for us to place other equipment such as a touch screen or Wireless Presentation Device.

For us to connect to a PC that runs the video conferencing software, we just need to connect a single UBS cable so that we can take ownership of the in-built Microphone, speakers and camera.

If you are interested in this express-installation mobile system, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] for more information.