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ESCO Vietnam: Smart Classroom solutions Demo

Technology is growing and changing to meet the needs of users to improve the quality of life and work. Especially in education, the development of technology has greatly contributed to supporting teaching, balancing between teaching and playing to help lectures more effectively.

From using only chalk and board, modern technology as projectors, tablets, mobile phones, software and online teaching programs have now proved the role of technology in teaching. Especially when the Covid epidemic begins, making students gradually get used to online learning.

ESCO AV Vietnam introductionWith the passion of improving teaching quality, ESCO AV Vietnam held a smart classroom solution demo event on Thursday, November 25, 2021. It is an online event for the teachers of the Nguyen Sieu School in Hanoi. The demo shared about the overall solution for smart classrooms, applying technology to ensure the best teaching and learning conditions for Nguyen Sieu students in particular and students in Vietnam in general.

ESCO AV Việt Nam - tổ chức demo giới thiệu giải pháp phòng học thông minhStarting by presenting the full package solution, Andy – Director of ESCO AV Vietnam drew a panorama picture of a smart classroom and a desirable learning environment, where students and teachers can easily interact. According to Andy, the current ideal learning environment will meet the requirements of digital transformation ready for the 4.0 era with a smart classroom management system that can support both online and offline learning. At the same time, he also believes that the combination of Cloud computing applications in teaching helps to reduce costs, risks as well as ensure safety and security in schools. Combined with online lesson digitization platforms, online classroom and lecture management systems, as well as classroom and family connections, the cooperation between parents and teachers becomes more close and effective.

ESCO AV Việt Nam - tổ chức demo giới thiệu giải pháp phòng học thông minhIn this demo, ESCO AV Vietnam introduced to the participating teachers online learning solutions, presentation solutions, and wireless sharing tools as well as projectors and modern interactive whiteboards, which can be combined to improve the quality of teaching.

By combining the Samsung Flip interactive whiteboard for effective teaching as an alternative to projectors and conventional chalkboards, this solution is truly impressive with its real-time multi-point interaction and clear display.

ESCO AV Việt Nam - tổ chức demo giới thiệu giải pháp phòng học thông minh1Combined with ELMO visualizer – one of the two oldest brands in the world from Japan, this is a perfect solution for smart classrooms. ELMO visualizer is a technological device that can be applied in various fields.  Through the sharing by Jenny, the main advantages of ELMO such as zoom function, the ability to connect to e-learning software or display boards, storage capacity and compactness of the device has made a big impression on all teachers.

In addition, display solutions such as Igloo vision system and the combination of light and sound systems create a creative learning space, promoting interaction and coordination among students and teachers.

Technology is not only applied in improving the quality of teaching but also helps to create a healthy school environment that ensures safety and security. Understanding this problem, ESCO AV Vietnam has introduced security solutions such as facial recognition and temperature control systems at the entrance, Australia’s leading air filtration solution – Delos, a solution to improve learning space with Signify germicidal lighting system and Hexanea solution to provide safe antibacterial water for children.

The demo took place successfully with a lot of questions from the teachers as well as the school’s management team. This is really a meaningful event that helps ESCO AV Vietnam introduce the latest technologies to teachers.

ESCO AV Việt Nam - tổ chức demo giới thiệu giải pháp phòng học thông minhWe would like to express our sincere gratitude to the teachers and school administration. Our event could not be successful without enthusiastic support from everyone. ESCO AV Vietnam is committed to development so that it can continuously support teachers and schools on the journey of effective digital transformation of teaching and learning with 4.0 technology.