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[:en]Success story of EPSON x ESCO[:]


It was with great honour and privilege that ESCO has been awarded the PRO AV Top Dealer award at the FY22 Strategic Sales Department Kick-off & Recognition for the year. 

Holding a worldwide leadership position, EPSON aims to connect people, things and information with its precision technologies.

It presents AV equipment comprising of LCD projectors and peripherals as well as such as crystal oscillators, camera modules, D-TED colour LCD modules, ultra-compact TFT LCD modules, LCD modules, LCD drivers and ASIC/System LSI microcomputers to meet corporate uses and needs. 

Known for its 3LCD technology which aims for perfection in every detail, EPSON is unparalleled in delivering vibrant colours, realistic tones, high definition images. In more definite terms concerning results, EPSON is able to projected images with up to 3x Brighter Colours with 3LCD as it uses three separate colour chips to deliver vibrant, true-to-life, powerful images, with no rainbow-effect distortion.

This is successfully achieved through its use of the three separate liquid crystal panels that process each primary colour (red, green and blue) continuously – so that even rapid-motion video is delivered smoothly.

Complementing  EPSON’s highly sophisticated technologies, our sales team’s conviction, their product knowledge and expertise of EPSON’s products have brought them thus far. 

Their ability to make tailored recommendations to meet the corporate IT appliances, electrical, and electronics manufacturing needs of clients, clearly showcases how they demonstrated the value of EPSON to the specific commercial industry. 

This ultimately reflects how ESCO has successfully established trust and professionalism with our clients.  

We are immensely proud of their hard work and dedication in being the extended arm for EPSON, bridging the gap to satisfy clients needs.